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Social Impact Assessment

This module helps in assessing the performance of new as well as existing Safe Water Enterprises to ensure the sustainability in all aspects like: Socially, Operationally, financially, institutionally and environmentally.

The tools listed below are covered in this module.

The complete ‘Module Toolkit’, ‘Trainer Script’ and ‘Key Elements’ can be viewed using the links at the end of the page.

Tool 29


This tool guides in measuring the performance of SWE through below mentioned SOFIE indicators.

– Social , – Operational, – Financial, – Institutional, – Environment

This tool has classified each SOFIE indicator into sub-indicators, which defines the basic principles of SOFIE scoring to ensure the sustainability of SWE. This tool provides the understanding of various SOFIE indicators and sub-indicators to the assess the performance and sustainability of the Safe Water Enterprises

Tool 30


This Tool helps choose a local partner from several candidates based on their credibility, the focus of their work, and their established local partnerships to assist with household penetration, cost recovery, and Station operation. Provides materials and guidelines that will assist implementers to identify the best water source.


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