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Financial Management

This module provides detailed guidance and offers comprehensive templates that cover all aspects of financial planning, bookkeeping and accounting for a Small Water Enterprise. The five tools given in this module enable the bookkeeper to create comprehensive financial accounts that can be audited by external professionals.

 The tools listed below are covered in this module.

The complete ‘Module Toolkit’, ‘Trainer Script’ and ‘Key Templates’ can be viewed using the links at the end of the page.

Tool 15


Provides guidelines for preparing a budget for planning and controlling revenues and expenditures. 

Tool 16


Provides directions for accounting of income, expenditures, assets and liabilities. 

Tool 17


Details the banking procedures of Small Water Enterprise

Tool 18


Provides steps to prepare financial statements of the Small Water Enterprise. 

Tool 19


Provides guidelines about the external auditing procedures which adds authenticity to the station financials for review by a third-party including agency, banks among others.


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