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Project Management

The Project Management Module lays out different stages of managing a project, which are – setting up to launch, on-going project monitoring and customer complaint management. Project management involves the planning and organization of an entity’s resources to move a specific task, event, or duty towards completion. For successful implementation of SWEs and their continuous monitoring it is important to have a structured project management approach defining key project areas with timelines and tools to implement them.

The tools listed below are covered in this module.

The complete ‘Module Toolkit’, ‘Trainer Script’ and ‘Key Templates’ can be viewed using the links at the end of the page.

Tool 25


Provides the various stages and time required for each stage in setting up a SWE. It also gives a summary of various forms/tools required at every stage. This tool provides understanding to various stakeholders about the various steps involved in setting up a SWE and time required for each stage. It covers entire journey from survey to launch, different stages, resources required and the tools of project management.

Tool 26


Provides tools to ensure efficient management and tracking, the potential roadblocks along with time delays and the desirable timeline for a successful project closure. This tool provides timelines for various reports in order to monitor the on-going projects. It also provides summary of various forms checklist that are required within the timelines. This tool tracks and continuously monitors the projects for it’s timely and successful closure.

Tool 27


Explains the Complaint Management System for lodging any complaints, pertaining to their treatment plants at the grassroots’ level and how those complaints get resolved using digital platform that ensures minimal downtime at all SWEs. 


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