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Setting up a Small Water Enterprise

This module has four Tools designed to help in setting up the physical structure of the SWE Station, guide the selection of the water treatment technology, and get the station ready to start operation. Using these tools, the Station is made ready for operation. The tools listed below are covered in this module.

The complete ‘Module Toolkit’, ‘Trainer Script’ and ‘Key Elements’ can be viewed using the links at the end of the page.

Tool 4


This tool helps to select the appropriate water treatment technology based on results of the water quality analysis.

Tool 5


Guides Small Water Enterprise Partners for the creation of new / upgradation of existing physical infrastructure to house the Station in accordance to the National standards, as well as commissioning and installation of the various components of the Station including the water treatment equipment, pipes and electrical fittings.

Tool 6


Guides SWE Partners through a rigorous review of the construction and operation of the SWE Station during a week-long Pilot Run before it is opened for commercial operations. It is designed to ensure that the grounds, building, and technical installations of the SWE Station are each completed according to the plans and specifications set out in previous modules and to support the hygienic and professional operation of the Station.

Tool 7


Contains a final checklist which declares the SWE Station ready for launching. For this purpose you should have Launch Approval Form.


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