Piped Water Supply

Piped Water Supply (PWS) Toolkit

The PWS Toolkit is a suite of practical tools and guidance for public and private professionals to operate and sustain Piped Water Supply in urban areas. 

About the Toolkit

  • Small Water Enterprises (SWEs) are decentralised, locally owned and operated water treatment plants with approval from the government that provide affordable and safe drinking water. Cost-effective and quick to set up, the SWEs often perform sub-optimally, fall into disrepair and are not sustainable.
  • This suite of iSWEET Toolkit consists of 10 modules, 30 tools, and 63 sub-tools. The Toolkit is the repository of lessons drawn from a decade of practice, with social-entrepreneurs. The local semi-literate youth and women operate and maintain these SWEs for 24×7 reliable and affordable, safe drinking water access.
  • SWEs not only contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal 6.1 but improve public health and also generate livelihoods

About the Toolkit

The iSWEET Training Kit is a series of ten modules developed by distilling knowledge from over a decade-long Field Implementation experience to set up community or social entrepreneur owned water treatment facility with local government approvals. These SWEs are decentralized water treatment plants that provide 24×7, affordable safe drinking water. These are called by various names such as Water ATMs, Water Vends, Community Water Treatment Plants, Safe Water Stations, Water Kiosks, Water Store, etc. This iSWEET is a structured and comprehensive step by step approach to assist Governments, ULBs, Water Service Providers, Development Partners, Social Entrepreneurs, and NGOs to harness the entrepreneurial spirit and create a cadre of social entrepreneurs that locally own and sustainably operate their safe drinking water source.

We wish that the practitioners apply these tools and see the same transformations that we have experienced through this power of enterprise and pave way for scale up to improve public health.

About the Modules

The information has been presented in 10 modules. Every module consists of tools about a range of topics starting from site selection for a water station to managing its finances. The tools cover processes both before and after the establishment of the safe water enterprise. The toolkit can be used by all the stakeholders involved in the institution of the small water enterprise. The frameworks that have been incorporated into the tools have been developed after a rigorous study of the best practices used in safe water stations across India. The content in the tools has been validated by the leading safe water implementers in the country.


Non Revenue Water Reduction

Reduction of Non-Revenue Water Overview

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Non Revenue Water Reduction in Slums

Non-Revenue Water Reduction - Slums of Nagpur

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Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Awareness, Measurement and Monitoring

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Monitoring & Evaluation

Performance Monitoring of the SWEs

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Asset Management

Owning and maintaining assets and meeting service standards

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Project Management

Successful Monitoring and Implementation of Projects

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Women Inclusion

Engaging and Empowering Women at Small Water Enterprises

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Social Impact Assessment

Measuring the social impact and use of performance standards to assess SWEs

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