Our service platforms

Capacity Building

We provide specialized trainings and other services to build capacity in SWEs 

Technical Support

Our state of technical solutions enable the SWEs to implement latest technology


Our field audit services help the SWEs understand and scale up their operations


The Sustainable Water Network Alliance’s three specialty service platforms – the Capacity Building Platform, the Technical Support Platform and Assessments Platform – offer  quick and easy access to the latest research, knowledge systems, government policies, regulatory frameworks, technological innovations and support mechanisms to empower small water entrepreneurs to make evidence-based decisions about how to scale their organizations. The platforms offer everything from on-site assessments to highly specialized trainings to help the small water enterprises grow and sustain their operations.


The SWE Alliance encourages and supports widespread collaboration between the partners to generate knowledge and intellectual resources in the drinking water segment to empower the small water entrepreneurs who provide safe water access to communities living in the water stressed regions.

The collaboration triggered by the alliance partners goes beyond the work within the members and extends to complementary activities, such as joint initiatives, learning and development workshops and research activities.

Background and Operations

Recognizing the need for better, faster, and more comprehensive network to support and scale up the small water enterprises, the SWE Alliance launched its service platforms in 2019. These platforms extend the alliance’s state of the art knowledge management and technology support to the small water entrepreneurs and service providers.

Capacity Building

Training Workshops

Community Mobilization

Consumer Activation

Operator Training

Monitoring & Evaluation

WASH Education

Technical Support

Technology Selection

Digital Tools

Remote Monitoring Systems

Water Purification Systems

Water ATMs

Chiller Installation


Field Audit of SWE

Baseline Study

Impact Study