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Making Cities Water Positive


City Water Balance Plan

Why water positive cities?

Recognizing the levels and threat of water scarcity, the Indian cities must have a science based and evidence-driven approach to forecast urban water management to mitigate risks and plan towards becoming water-positive.

There is a need for multi-dimensional analysis of economic, social, technical, institutional, and managerial issues of the urban water sector. It is also required to shift focus from searching new water sources to sustain the existing sources and make them efficient.


About the Toolkit

A toolkit on ‘Making Cities Water Positive through City Water Balance Plan’ (CWBP), developed by Safe Water Network India, is an innovative approach Innovative approach to management of urban water cycles as ONE WATER and adapting a data-based decision making to mitigate the severity of impending crisis.

The toolkit has been developed by drawing lessons from the pilot conducted in the Hyderabad city with Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board and the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation that involved social and technological interventions and adopted a robust data validation process. Subsequent replication studies to finetune the toolkit were conducted with municipality support from Vishakhapatnam and Nagpur city.

The toolkit comprises of 7 modules and 29 tools. All modules are closely linked to each other. Each module defines a structures approach to assist the decision makers in developing and implementing solutions for making Cities Water Positive.

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