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iSWEET Toolkit

The 'iSWEET Toolkit' is a suite of practical tools and guidance for public anbd private professionals to operate and sustain Small Water Enterprises through social-entrepreneurship.

IEC Tools

The Safe Water Enterprise Alliance under the aegis of Project SEWAH, a collaboration between Safe Water Network and USAID has developed a set of tools to create WASH awareness, propel community mobilization and convert Water ATMs to Water Knowledge Resource Centers. 

Tools for Community Mobilization

The first set of IEC tools are aimed towards mobilizing the communities to adopt safe and hygienic drinking water practices. A 4 pronged strategy has been deployed to create mass awareness. The four components of the strategy are listed below: 

4G Strategy

  • GAADI - VEHICLES: Under the 'GAADI'(Vehicle) strategy, a branded visibility vehicle will move around in the targeted neighborhoods conveying key messages of the campaign... Learn More
  • GHAR - HAR GHAR DASTAK: Under the 'GHAR' plan, members will conduct a door to door campaign conveying the message to the campaign to adult audience...Learn More
  • GULLY - CHUPAN CHUPAI: Under the 'Gully' initiative the ground workers demonstrate the the communities that visibly clean water may not be actually clean... Learn More
  • GUMTI - DUKAAN: Under the 'GUMTI' strategy, the ground workers encourage the grocers, hawkers and micro business owners to visit and use Water ATMs...Learn More

You can access the complete GUIDE to create community mobilization - Read here


WASH Toolkit

Tools for Safe Water Stations

Tools for Safe Water Stations