Digital City Water Balance Plan Toolkit


The iSWEET Toolkit is a suite of practical tools developed for public and private professionals to operate and sustain safe water enterprises through social entrepreneurship. The toolkit consists of 10 modules, 30 tools and 60 sub-tools. The toolkit is a repository of  lessons drawn from a decade of practice with social entrepreneurs. The Safe Water Enterprises are locally owned water treatment plants that provide safe and affordable drinking water.  SWEs contribute to SDG 6.1, improve public health and generate livelihoods.


The information has been presented in 10 modules. Every module covers a range of topics and associated tools. The tools cover processes both before and after the establishment of the safe water enterprise. The toolkit can be used by all stakeholders involved in the institution of small water enterprises. The content of the tools have been validated by leading safe water implementers in India.

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Strategic Planning

A structured framework for the development and implementation for a long term strategy for making cities water positive.

Stakeholder Engagement

An overview of different approaches to multi-stakeholder involvement that can be used to realize the objective of making cities water positive.

Water Supply

A guide to understand the components for assessment of urban water supply through city water balance plan and effective water supply planning and management for resilient cities.

Wastewater Management

An overview of wastewater management and guide to apply the cyclic approach for Sustainable wastewater management.

Rejuvenation of Water Bodies and Urban Aquifer Management

An overview of the water conservation best practices and rejuvenation of urban water bodies.

Monitoring and Evaluation Reporting

A structured, user friendly, practical and complete water resources management information system.