Water Quality Monitoring

The Quality Module defines the steps and standards of quality assurance and due diligence to ensure the continual performance of high-quality SWE Stations, for delivery of treated drinking water to customers. The Tools in this module are designed to guide the Operator through these steps and provide parameters against which the delivery of Quality Assurance can be measured. The tools listed below are covered in this module.

The complete ‘Module Toolkit’ and , ‘Trainer Script’ can be viewed using the links at the end of the page.


Quality Guidelines
Continuous external and internal water quality assessments
Source Water Quality
Monitoring the quality of source water
Water Treatment
Upkeep of SWE Station treatment processes
Water Storage and Distribution
Ensuring cleaning of tank and containers and water supply systems
Continued Quality Assurance
Ensuring water quality is maintained through the treatment and delivery mechanisms

What We Do

The Safe Water Enterprise (SWE) Alliance believes in the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing to solve the
multidimensional challenge of access to safe water and water security through community-led participation and private sector engagement. We adopt technology and innovative social models to solve for environmental sustainability and preserve ecology and biodiversity for resilient communities.

Field Implementation
We expand access to safe water and green energy, promote water security and good governance for environmental sustainability and resilient communities.
Technical Assistance
We strengthen and build capacity with implementers and other stakeholders to improve performance and facilitate replication of sustainable water, energy and environmental solutions.
Sector Engagement
We work closely with peer implementers, development agencies, and local and national governments to improve policies and regulations to scale.